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Articles in Refereed Journals

Havron, N., & Arnon, I. (2017). Minding the gaps: Literacy enhances lexical segmentation in children learning to read. Journal of Child Language, Advance online publication. article

Arnon, I. (PI) & Christiansen, M. H. (PI) (2017). The role of multiword building blocks in explaining L1-L2 differences, Special issue on Multiword Units in Language (M. H. Christiansen & I. Arnon, Eds.). Topics in Cognitive Science.

Arnon, I.,(PI) McCauley, S.(C) & Christiansen, M. H. (C) (2017). Digging up the building blocks of language: Age-of-Acquisition effects for multiword phrases, Journal of Memory and Language, 92, 265-280. pdf

Havron, N. & Arnon, I. (2016). Reading between the words: the effect of literacy acquisition on spoken language segmentation in adult illiterates. Applied Psycholinguistics. Advance online publication. article

Hernández, M., Costa, A., & Arnon, I. (2016). More than words: multiword frequency effects in non-native speakers, Language, Cognition and Neuroscience, 1-16. pdf

Siegelman, N. & Arnon, I. (2015). The advantage of starting big: learning from unsegmented input facilitates mastery of grammatical gender in an artificial language, Journal of Memory and Languagepdf

Arnon, I. (2015). What can frequency effects tell us about the building blocks and mechanisms of language learning? Journal of Child Language, xx-xx. pdf

Arnon, I. & Cohen Priva, U. (2014). Time and again: the changing effect of word and multiword frequency on phonetic duration, Mental Lexicon, 9, 377-400. pdf

Costa, A., Foucart, A., Arnon, I., Aparici, M. & Apesteguia, J. (2014). "Piensa" twice: On the foreign language effect in decision making. Cognition, 130, 236-254. pdf 

Arnon, I. & Cohen Priva, U. (2013). More than words: the effect of multi-word frequency and constituency on phonetic duration. Special Issue: Parsimony and Redundancy in Usage-Based Models of Linguistic Knowledge, Language and Speech, xx-xx. pdf

Hofmeister, P., Jaeger, F. T., Arnon, I., Snider, N., & Sag, I. (2012). The source ambiguity problem: distinguishing the effects of grammar and processing on acceptability judgments, Language and Cognitive Processespdf

Arnon, I., & Ramscar, M. (2012). Granularity and the acquisition of grammatical gender: How order-of-acquisition affects what gets learned, Cognition 122, 292-305. pdf

de Marneffe, M., Grimm, S., Arnon, I., & Bresnan, J. (2012). A statistical model of grammatical choices in children’s production of dative sentences. Language and Cognitive Processes, 1, 25-61. pdf

Arnon, I. & Clark, E. V. (2011). When ‘on your feet’ is better than ‘feet’: Children’s word production is facilitated in familiar sentence-frames. Language Learning and Development, 7, 107-129. Winner of Peter Jusczyk Award. pdf

Arnon, I. & Snider, N. (2010). More than words: Frequency effects for multi-word phrases. Journal of Memory and Language, 62, 67-82. Among ten most downloaded papers in 2010. pdf

Arnon, I. (2010). Re-thinking child difficulty: The effect of NP type on children’s processing of relative clauses in Hebrew. Journal of Child Language, 37, 27 – 57. pdf

Tily, H., Gahl, S., Arnon, I., Kothari, A., Snider, N. and Bresnan, J. (2009). Pronunciation reflects syntactic probabilities: Evidence from spontaneous speech, Language & Cognition 2(1), 147-165. pdf

Articles in Conference Proceedings

Raviv, L. (S), & Arnon, I. (PI) (2016). Language Evolution in the Lab: The Case of Child Learners, Proceedings of the 38nd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 000-000). Cognitive Science Society.

Raviv, L.(S), & Arnon, I. (PI) (2016). The Developmental Trajectory of Children's Statistical Learning Abilities, Proceedings of the 38nd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 000-000). Cognitive Science Society

Frank, M., C, Tily, H., Arnon, I., & Goldwater, S. (2010). Beyond Transitional Probabilities: Human Learners Impose a Parsimony Bias in Statistical Word Segmentation. Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 000-000). Cognitive Science Society. pdf

Arnon, I., & Ramscar, M. (2009). Order-of-acquisition affects what gets learned. In N.A. Taatgen & H. van Rijn (Eds.), Proceedings of the 31th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 2112-2117). Cognitive Science Society. pdf

Arnon, I., Snider, N., Hofmeister, P., Jaeger, T. F., & Sag, I. A. (2005). Cross-linguistic variation in a processing account: The case of multiple wh-questions. Proceedings of the annual Berkeley Linguistics Society meeting 32.

Arnon, I. (2005). Relative clause acquisition in Hebrew: Toward a processing-oriented account. In A. Brugos, M. R. Clark-Cotton & S. Ha (eds.), Proceedings of the Twentyninth Boston University Conference on Language Development (pp. 37-48). Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press. pdf

Edited Books 

Arnon, I., Casillas, M., Estigabarria, B., & Kurumada, C. (2014). Language in Interaction: Studies in Honour of Eve V. Clark. Trends in Language Acquisition Research Series, Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 

 Arnon, I., & Clark, E. V. (2011). Experience, Variation and Generalization: Learning a First Language. Trends in Language Acquisition Research Series, Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pdf

Encyclopedia entries

Arnon, I. (2014). Acquisition of Grammatical Gender. Encyclopedia of Language Development, SAGE publications (259-260). pdf

Arnon, I. (2014). Distributional Knowledge and Language Learning. Encyclopedia of Language Development, SAGE publications (161-163). pdf

Arnon, I. & Christiansen, M. (2014). Chunk-based Language Acquisition. Encyclopedia of Language Development, SAGE publications (88-91). pdf

Book Chapters

Arnon, I. (in press). The nature of child-directed speech in Hebrew: frequent frames in a morphologically rich language. The Acquisition of Hebrew (Ed. Ruth Berman), Trends in Language Acquisition Research Series, Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Kurumada, C. & Arnon, I. (2014). Language acquisition in interaction, In I. Arnon, Casillas, M., C. Kurumada, & B. Estigarribia (Eds.), Language in Interaction, Trends in Language Acquisition Research Series, Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pdf 

Snider, N., & Arnon, I. (2012). A unified lexicon and grammar? Compositional and noncompositional phrases in the lexicon. In S. Gries & D. Divjak (Eds.) Frequency effects in language. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. pdf

Arnon, I. (2011). Learning constructions: re-thinking the path of relative clause acquisition in Hebrew. In E. Kidd (Ed.). The acquisition of relative clauses: functional and typological perspectives, Amsterdam: John Benjamins (final version has been completed and approved). pdf

Arnon, I. (2011). Units of learning in language acquisition. In I. Arnon & E.V. Clark (Eds.), Experience, Variation and Generalization: Learning a First Language, Trends in Language Acquisition Research Series, Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pdf

Hofmeister, P., Jaeger, F., Arnon, I., Sag, I., & Snider, N. (2007). Locality and Accessibility in Wh-questions. In S. Featherston & W. Sternefeld (eds.), Linguistic Evidence: Empirical, Theoretical, and Computational Perspectives (pp. 185-205). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. pdf